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Like most English graduates I love to read and write and have ambitious dreams of converting my love of writing into a career- nobody told me quite how hard that would be! My blogging life started here in some vain attempt to show the world that I’m an interesting and talented individual because I read once that ‘If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door’. This, therefore, was me building my door.

Since starting the blog way back in 2010 my life has changed quite a lot. No longer plagued with the minor inconsequential dilemmas of a poor, tired student my life now reflects the painful reality of being a university graduate birthed into the real world. For the last few years I had the pleasure of working on some local trade magazines, Packaging Gazette and FMCG News. And whilst they may not sound like the most interesting of titles, I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed getting me nerd on and learning about active and intelligent packaging, the art of food and drink marketing, and the benefits of streamlining your supply chain.

I recently ventured into the world of language research and am currently working at Cambridge University Press. My current work gets me involved in projects like the British Spoken Corpus 2014 (BNC2014) which you’ll see me shout about here. I miss the writing and creativity of my previous role but am certainly enjoying the challenges which come with my new role.

I have quite a keen interest in digital publishing, it’s interesting to watch the publishing industry change and evolve in the digital age. Magazines and books alike are having to find news ways to interest and engage their readers and publishers seem to be struggling to keep up with the sheer pace with which technology develops. What’s really exciting is that these developments are really starting to bring out the creativity in people and they’re embracing the great ways these new technologies are bring publishers closer to their audience, to their readers, than ever before.

This blog is as much an archive of things I’m proud to have written, had published, or just rambled on about and I’m happy to continue sharing my odd endeavours and ideas with you. Though my posts are infrequent, I hope you continue to find them interesting and worthy.

For any freelance writing opportunities please email samantha.c.l.owen@gmail.com


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