J.K. Rowling: “I’ve got nothing to prove.”

J.K. Rowling’s first adult novel Casual Vacancy was released on Thursday to a very mixed reaction. Early sales predictions show the novel has exceeded expectations and the book currently sits in 5th position of the week’s bestsellers chart, but Rowling’s first venture into adult fiction has been met with some criticism.

Rowling, whose success came from the renowned Harry Potter series, is estimated to be worth over £6.4million already. Speaking frankly in an interview aired by BBC on Wednesday, Rowling said that she no longer has any reason to write, other than for herself. This new venture in adult literature then was something she was pursuing for her own love of writing, rather than in search of the next bestseller. A very different experience from when she first started writing Harry Potter. Divorced and living off state benefits, Rowling’s success rescued her and her daughter financially. Since then, Rowling has become one of the most popular children’s authors of all time and the Harry Potter franchise has taken over the world.

Casual Vacancy is brave move by Rowling. Knowing her next book would always come under intense scrutiny Rowling dared to venture away from the series and the genre which brought her so much success previously. I admire her almost as much for this as I do for her brilliant work in creating the world of wizardry in the Potter series. Not fazed by her previous success, Rowling has dared to be different and has been quick to accept the criticism that has all too swiftly followed.

Until we get the chance to read her new work for ourselves, here is the interview conducted by James Runcie for the BBC. It is an incredibly candid and interesting interview with one of the most famous writers in the world.

J.K. Rowling Interview

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