Fancy a real conversation?

We are the Facebook generation. A generation, who feel the need to publish all of their day to day activities on the internet, for hundreds of friends online to read. It is this generation then, that have swapped real life conversations for Skype and MSN that have given up on proper relationships. People seem more content to converse over social networking sights then grabbing a coffee with a friend and having genuine interaction.

How did it get this far? There are obvious advantages to these social networking sites, and I too have fallen victim to its addictive nature but it’s time that we stepped away from our computers and actually engaged with our friends, family or colleagues. Finding out that a best friend got a dream job would be far more exciting if I was told in person; not so much when it’s scattered among the rest of the ten thousand status updates that litter my news feed!

And that’s another thing, I wouldn’t expect my neighbours cousins brothers nephews friends fiancé to tell me how she ‘will never feel the same way again’ in person so why, oh why, do I need to see it on Facebook? Why people seem to feel the need to a) update their status every time they undertake even the most meaningless tasks and b) broadcast break ups, make ups and sexual encounters to an entire network of people, is completely beyond me. Social networking sites seem to have become a hub of gossip and rumours, where even the smallest of comments can be blown completely out of proportion. We have become a generation who need to know everything about everyone.

So, as radical as this may be, I would like to propose that we stop living our life through the internet and actually get out and engage in some real conversations. Let’s publicise actual human interaction; let’s just enjoy each others company.

2 thoughts on “Fancy a real conversation?

  1. Knowledge is now a power that can be exchanged. We give information about ourselves in the hope we find information about others, possibly highly useful information that can be used to either advantage.
    Imagine getting all that information by going from person to person? It would take some time to say the least. The ‘useless’ information so exhibited on Facebook is also thrown into conversation all the time. Try keeping track of the next detailed conversation you have with someone, it goes everywhere! And in reality, most of us don’t care about it. So why do we listen? It’s knowledge that gives us the power to communicate (and thus, exchange) with one another.
    But, you’re right – something can and should be done in private or on a one-to-one basis. By the way, when do you move up to Lenton?
    Have a good summer!

    Stu x

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