Sex before small talk

It’s somewhat odd, I find, that not only are we now a generation where sex is the norm, but we’re a generation where sex is expected. We students are quite happy bed hopping our way through University, networking our way through the bed sheets, without any real care for love or romance. Between the hours of 2 and 3 am on a Saturday morning, as Ocean draws to an end, you inevitably see the pairing off of the remaining singletons on the dance floor, seeking out their mate, their bed warmer for the night. But when exactly did sex become oh so casual? When did sex become something as common place as conversation?

No doubt I sound some what prudish, out of date, but when did people give up on finding something deep and meaningful in sex? It seems to me that this idea of casual sex is not only worrying, given the rapid rise in people contracting sexually transmitted diseases, but is somewhat upsetting- I didn’t realise that romance was realistically dead. The old school taunts of being ‘frigid’ make me hesitant in portraying what many may be perceived as a naïve point of view, but I genuinely don’t understand what people have to gain from being able to contest how many people they’ve slept with, how many notches they’ve got on their bedpost.

And what’s even more depressing, is the fact that this craze is no longer purely an attribute of laddish behaviour but is now just as relevant to the female race. Girls are just as likely to cop off with a guy, whose name is irrelevant, just an hour after meeting him in Cr-isis. In the words of my mother, how do you ever expect a guy to respect you, if you don’t respect yourself? The irony of it all though, is that the same girls then spend their days moaning about how guys never take girls on dates anymore- that some traditional notion of gentlemanliness has somehow been lost. But realistically, what guy is going to spend money taking a girl out if he’s already seen and enjoyed the goods?

Now, don’t get me wrong, this by no means an anti-sex campaign… far from it. But I guess I just reminisce about the time where we talked about sex using sport metaphors; when 4th base was a big deal.

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